Air Freight

Airfreight is the fastest and safest method of sending a wide range of products. We understand that each shipment has its specific and individualized needs, and HERCO cargo's experience, care and know-how will ensure that your cargo has the best transport possible. Whether you are shipping to or from Miami, or using our Miami Gateway as a port of passage, HERCO offers three products to meet your needs: HAWK Priority Cargo, HAWK General Cargo and HAWK Standard Air.

Ocean Freight

No matter what is being shipped, be it Full Container Loads (FCL), Less Than Container Loads (LCL), Import or Export, Consolidated or Project Cargo—no matter what is the requirement—HERCO has a complete line of ocean freight forwarding services. Backed by our global network of offices covering key shipping lines worldwide, highly skilled teams of experts and state of the art technology systems, our ocean freight services will take care of your cargo through the entire shipping cycle from initial collection to final delivery to the ultimate consignee. - FCL & LCL to and from all major markets - Global cargo consolidation programs - Customs Clearance and Door Delivery - Container stripping / break bulk - Full customs brokerage service - Full documentation service - Real time information systems - Product insurance programs - Cross Dock Management - Integrated IT network of communication & tracking systems

Sea-Air Service

In shipments where all ocean is too slow but all air is not needed, HERCO's Sea Air solution is the answer. Striking a perfect balance, it combines the advantages of economy and speed. And as with all our services, your shipment is continually tracked though our global air and sea team. By using only premium ocean carriers and preferred air carriers to transport our Sea-Air shipments, we are able to significantly reduce your overall transportation cost by over 15% compared to pure airfreight. Further, by shipping via sea-air instead of all air clients minimize warehouse charges at their final destination. Sea-Air is a median service with normal transit time in-between air and ocean shipment on the same lane. Depending on the trade lanes, HERCO manages to save approximately 30% over an ocean transit time. Our expert teams will help you evaluate and select the right solution to streamline your supply chain requirements. How does it work? For example, for a cargo from Asia to the US Eastern Board, we would have your cargo shipped via container vessel from Asia to our main transit point in Los Angeles. Once there, we would have the goods transferred to airfreight pallets within a few hours. Your cargo then would proceed via air to your international airport of choice where the cargo would be loaded onto trucks to be delivered to your warehouse.

Buyers Consolidation

Buyer's Consolidation is a distribution and logistics service that allows retailers to bundle products purchased from several different manufacturers into a single container at the port of lading for ocean shipment. This service is known as Procurement Distribution in the US. HERCO, by combining the infrastructure created through its comprehensive network of locally registered companies with its ocean and airfreight transport services, is able to provide its clients with Superior Buyer's Consolidation Service. Products are collected for shipment at the port of lading, and our staff monitors shipments based on the order forms received. We own warehouses in China and the US in key distribution areas, which allows us to provide a seamless all-inclusive One-Stop service encompassing consigned cargo export, customs processing at the port of destination and final delivery to the consignee's ultimate destination.